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Exclusive Iron Art
Iron-age Iron art sculpture,framed art-Homeward boundThis category provides an exclusive iron art gallery of exclusive, original, hand-crafted, three dimensional framed iron art sculptures together with, original figurines / sculptures. Such iron art can be created by iron-age to customer / business partner requirements. WHY NOT COMMISSION US?

Collectable Iron Art Dolls
Iron-age Iron art,doll,collectable,sculpture,statue,statuette-The Surfer Dude 1This category provides exclusive, original, hand-crafted iron art collectable dolls, sculptures, figurines, statues and statuettes with the intention of designing ranges in individual ethnic cultures. This iron art is ideal for the individual collector or a business owner who wishes to enter a partnership with us in exclusive geographical rights to a particular culture or range.

Iron Age Portfolio
Iron-age Iron art sculpture,doll,figurine,statue,statuette-The Butler ShadeThis portfolio is aimed at providing a brief resume of iron-age's creative iron art capability, in terms of BUT NOT LIMITED TO: shelves, tables, lighting, candelabra, candle holders, up-lights, utility stands, wine racks, exclusive lamps and chandliers, etc.


Iron-age Iron art sculpture,statue,statuette-The Flutist

Welcome to Iron-age world of iron art

Thank-you for visiting our Iron-age Iron Art web site!!!

It is truly our pleasure to welcome you into our iron-age world of creative Iron art, which are original handcrafted exclusive iron art collectables / collectibles, placed in the following art galleries on our web, namely; Exclusive Iron Art, Collectable / Collectible Iron Art Dolls / figurines / sculptures / statues and our Iron-age iron art Portfolio.

What you see the iron-age web is merely the beginning of the overwhelming inner creative energy, which is continually expressing itself through the rapid and growing development of new and innovative iron art pieces, updated on our iron-age web as and when our iron art is created.

Please add iron-age to your browsing favorites and travel with us on this exciting journey into our world of exclusive iron art.

Our Market

Our market is broad-based and covers the following interested parties
  • If you are a browser wanting to view our growing creative expressions, simply add us to your browsing favorites and join us on our exciting journey. We encourage you to share us with your friends and families, who are also welcome to join us in the journey.
  • If you discover an appreciation for what you see, and would like have one of our creative expressions in your own home, then please do not hesitate to contact us, as we are at your service.
  • If you are an individual collector with an acquired taste for our dynamic and growing range of collectable iron art dolls, please contact us and allow us to support you in growing your collection.
  • Maybe you are an entrepreneur, who sees the potential in a range of dolls unique to your culture. We will create this range for you, and become a partner with you as you market these awesome collectables to your own community.
  • On the other hand, you might be an entrepreneur who immediately sees an opportunity to employ our creative expressions in your business, and if this is the case, please do not hesitate to contact as, as we firmly believe in the principle that business is a "win-win" partnership.

Either way, please don’t forget to add us to your browsing favorites and travel with us on this exciting journey.

About Iron-age Exclusive iron art

We are an established South African Company who has been in the iron art business for the past 18 years.

Andrew (the owner of Iron-age) has always been a keen artist. Upon deciding that iron art is the true love of his life, he turned professional. However, times were extremely difficult, and in order to make ends meet, he began to manufacture simple burglar guards and gates from home.

With the full support of his family, Andrew, through many constraints and challenges fabricated and produced exclusive wrought iron furniture incorporating his artist expression in the design, where meticulous attention to producing a quality product, was the hallmark and core principle of his design and fabrication philosophy.

This resulted in Iron-age catering to a broad spectrum of lifestyles, including; specific designed-to-customer artistic requirements, the hospitality industry, preferred suppliers to The Gooderson Leisure Group and being commissioned to design and fabricate furnishings and iron art décor for numerous well known hotels, who required the Iron-age niche creative expression to upgrade their "star" status. Amongst these hotels are; Richard's Bay Hotel, Hluhluwe Lodge, Cathedral peak, Drakensberg gardens, Nibela Lake Lodge, etc.

Although Iron-age is still applying itself diligently in hotel commissions with its quality Iron-age inspirations, the artist in Andrew cannot be denied any longer and is now unleashing creative iron art energy in the innovative iron-art expressions displayed in our web world of the Iron-age.

The quality of our iron art is our hallmark. All iron art creations once completed receive an acid bath, thereafter are coated with a quality primer, various specialist techniques are then applied to the iron art pieces which characterizes them. Each iron art piece is then coated with a polyurethane sealant to ensure its lasting value

This is only the beginning of an iron art exciting journey,
with so much more to come.

You are welcome to join iron-age in this iron-art journey as a browser, customer, collector or business partner.You are also are welcome to commission us!

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